August 14, 2014

Life according to my iPhone

I just love these photos too much to keep them in my phone. They aren't the best quality or of the most beautiful scenery but it's our life it's not perfect but I wouldn't change a single thing. 
 This summer Todd and I have tried to make it a goal to slow down and enjoy our girls.  Whether we are going on a hike and getting caught in a down pour or setting off our rinky dink firework show, or Jossie dunking her grandpa in the dunk tank, or snuggling on the couch or just riding bikes up and down our street.
 I want to freeze them right now. I hope I never ever forget their pouty faces when they don't get their way, or how they giggle and squeal when they see that Todd is finally home from work. Im so glad I get to be their mom they are growing up right before my eyes. I guess you never know when your about to make a memory. 






July 08, 2014

Current inspiration

Can I get a whoop whoop that summer is finally up and running??!!
  Lately I have been obsessing over flamingos, star gazing, firework watching, bangs, the beach and as usual all things pink! 
The other day I caught myself complaining about something I should never ever take for granted. I really wanted to punch myself in the face but instead I found all these pretty inspirational quotes to help me remember how blessed I really am!